Simply put, we are the Best!

It is about giving the customers what they want, when they want it, period! Business is simple. You build what the customer wants with good quality, and you deliver on time. Price becomes secondary if you are disciplined to providing the customer what they want on time! Anyone can buy business. We take the approach of earning the customers business.

When we get a new customer we consider it a partnership. Some of those partnerships have lasted the 30+ years we have been in business. It is a testimony to the staff at Wire Design who make it happen!

We build to our customers specifications. There are no short cuts or substitutions. We work off detailed CAD developed models that match what our customers have requested. We produce and deliver to match what our customers have requested on their purchase orders. It may sound simple but you would be surprised as to how much business we have obtained by the previous supplier's dropping the ball. Once we obtain your business we intend to keep it!

On the contact page you will see who makes up our team. It is a dedicated team that is at your service. Feel free to contact any one of us at anytime. We encourage plant visits so you can meet the team and put a face with the name. We take pride in doing things the right way. Give us the chance to--